Guidelines for endorsement of national and international campaigns, etc.

Adopted by the Norwegian Bar Association’s Main Board, 4 September 2020.

The Norwegian Bar Association may support human rights work outside Norway if it pertains to areas, fields of law, cases or organisations related to lawyers’ professional practice or attacks on the rule of law that could have consequences for lawyers’ professional practice.

The Norwegian Bar Association may support campaigns where the Association has collaborated with an organisation or a field of law over time.

The Norwegian Bar Association may support campaigns or actions for individuals whose work is known to us or our partners, and/or with whom we or our partners have collaborated.

In exceptional cases, individuals may be supported, provided they are lawyers who are being subjected to an attack as a result of their professional practice.

As a general rule, the Norwegian Bar Association does not support organisations that work in areas where we are not involved or on topics about which we do not possess special or particular knowledge.