Confirmation of assignment

It is important to use and keep the confirmation of assignment up to date. It regulates what you and the Client have agreed upon.

As a member of the Norwegian Bar Association, you are required to give your clients written confirmation of new assignments. The confirmation of assignment shall be handed over to the Client when the assignment starts, or as soon as possible thereafter.

A confirmation of assignment is helpful both for the Client and for you as a lawyer. Through the confirmation, the Client gets a better overview of what the assignment may cost. The confirmation is used to clarify the framework of the assignment. For this reason you should add any item that will not be covered by the legal assignment. If the assignment changes along the way, it is important to update the confirmation.

The Norwegian Bar Association's template for confirmation of assignment can be used for private clients. The template contains useful comments on the various points. The confirmation consists of two parts; Part I contains specific information that must be adjusted to each assignment. Part II contains the law firm’s general terms and conditions, which do not need to be adjusted to each assignment.

Confirmation of assignment (download word file)