Summer School of Civil Law 2024

For the 15th year, the Civil Law Foundation is organizing the Summer School of Civil Law from July 1 to 31, 2024. This program is taught in French and in English and is open to anyone who has completed a minimum of three years of legal studies.
Invitasjon med bilde av en gjeng med studenter

About the Summer School 

Meeting for Civil law and legal culture, this year’s event will exceptionally take place in digital format, due to the Paris Olympic Games. Running from 1 to 31 July 2024, the Summer School of civil Law will bring together students and legal professionals from all around the world.

Our ambition is to offer all participants a coherent body of courses to convey knowledge on continental law, as well as its evolution and its influence on legal and economic structures currently under construction in the world.

The richness of the Summer School lies in the quality of the education it provides and the diversity of legal cultures represented. We are particularly attached to the international dimension of this event, which makes it a marketplace and crossroad for ideas, legal cultures and knowledge that create privileged moments of gathering and debate.

In addition to the courses, meetings with the legal professions will also be organized. 

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The Summer School will be taught in either English or French. 

English-speaking class:  Registration for the 2024 Summer School of Civil Law  

French-speaking class:  Inscriptions pour l'Université d'été du Droit Continental 2024   

Summer School of Civil Law 2024

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French National Bar Council
17:00 - 20:00
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